To meet all the standards and requirements of the professional design industry, Aesthetic Institute is affiliated with the following education organisation -

IIID - INSTITUTE OF INDIAN INTERIOR DESIGNERS AID (Aesthetic Institute of Design) is the first College in Chhattisgarh affiliated to IIID ( Institute of Indian Interior Designers)

IIID is the National level Institute which actively participates in promoting the profession of Interior Design. It has also taken a very appreciable forward looking step to show its interest in the field of academic program which is designed and drafted by experienced professionals. It covers almost all the basics and in-depth aspects of interior/architecture design.

The Diploma in Interior design offered by IIID has the rigorous syllabus attempt to teach the students how to apply the knowledge in real life situations. The programmes lay emphasis on well rounded personality development of students and also inculcating the values of teamwork and integrity in them.